Wining and Dining While in Bermuda

Bermuda has some of the absolute best cuisine in the entire world. When you decide to visit Bermuda, you’ll want to make one of their award-winning restaurants one of your very first stops, even if you aren’t hungry. Once your taste buds have sampled some of the island cuisine, you are sure to want more. One of the things that make Bermudian food so great is that it seamlessly and effortlessly blends Old World and New World tastes and adds a delightful dash of mid-Atlantic flavor.

Historic Eats

When you jet to Bermuda, you travel to a vacation destination unlike any other. While the island is a British territory, it has a very rich Portuguese heritage when it comes to the food. One of the more traditional dishes is potatoes paired with succulent codfish and served with either a hard-boiled egg and egg sauce or a special tomato and onion sauce.

It’s highly recommended that you try fish chowder, which is also considered to be a traditional dish in Bermuda. Not only is the dish popular in restaurants and hotels in Bermuda, but in homes in Bermuda as well. The dish mainly consists of fish, fish stock, vegetables, spices and bacon fat. You can also ask for it served with sherry peppers and black rum.

The Codfish Brunch

If you and your appetite are looking for something especially unique, you should plan to check out a codfish brunch while in Bermuda. The codfish brunch is a special that’s offered by certain restaurants on the weekend and consists of codfish steamed and boiled with salt with a side of onions, boiled potatoes, chopped bananas and onions. For topping, there’s egg sauce, hard-boiled egg or avocado slices.

Travelers who are looking to eat with the sharks might want to be on the lookout for Bermuda’s shark hash. This local dish is made with minced shark meat cooked with spices and served on toast. There are also codfish cakes, which are made from salted and smashed cod cooked up with potatoes and spices like parsley and thyme. Once the mixture has been mixed into a patty, it is pan fried and served alongside a fruit salsa and mesclun and served inside of a white bun.

The Finest in Fine Dining

There are many award-winning restaurants to be found as you visit Bermuda as well as restaurants that have been regarded by some of the most prestigious wine and travel magazines currently in publication. Specific restaurants that you might want to explore include:

  • Blu Bar and Grill
  • The Point Restaurant & Terrace at Tucker’s Point
  • The Water Lot Inn
  • Royston’s Grill Room
  • Fourways Inn

Before you head to any restaurant in Bermuda, it is a good idea to first call ahead to see if there is any kind of dress requirement before you head over in shorts, a Hawaiian print button-down shirt and a straw hat. While those threads might work in almost any American restaurant, they won’t do you any favors at the majority of restaurants in Bermuda.

Formal Attire

Bermuda has a British history, which means that it’s not unusual to find locals indulging in afternoon tea while dressed in dresses, suits and ties. You’ll find that casual clothing in Bermuda is considered formal clothing in America. While you can pack beachwear like flip-flops, light tops and cut-off shorts, you will definitely want to make sure that you only wear them while at the beach.

Tourists should make sure that they pack a few nice outfits, and men will want to make sure that they pack a tie or two since several restaurants in Bermuda require a tie for admittance. Oddly enough, it’s perfectly acceptable to wear Bermuda shorts with a tie and a crisp dress shirt. While you’re dressed for success in your Bermuda shorts and tie, be sure to check out the Mediterranean and Bermudian specialties at Angelo’s Bistro in Hamilton or the award-winning seafood at Barracuda Grill.

Be prepared for a culinary experience unlike any other during your stay in wonderful Bermuda. Not only should you bring your appetite and the right clothes, you might also want to think about bringing your recipe book and trying your hand at making some of the fine eats once you get back home. If you find that Bermudian dishes aren’t as easy to create as they are to eat, at least you’ll have an excuse to go back. For more restaurant recommendations in Bermuda, turn to the travel experts at Experience Destinations.