Shop Pantone’s Colours of the Year in Bermuda

For the first time ever, Pantone unveiled not one but two colours of the year for 2016. The company, which was established in 1956, is best known for creating matching colour systems used by professionals in all areas of design and fashion.


The colour experts chose Rose Quartz and Serenity, which they predicted will be reflected in 2016’s fashion, home décor and design. According to Pantone, the colour duo demonstrate a harmonious balance between a warmer embracing rose tone and the cooler tranquil blue. In the Spring 2016 Pantone Fashion Color Report, Leatrice Eiseman, executive director of the Pantone Color Institute, says that “colours this season transport us to a happier, sunnier place where we feel free to express a wittier version of our real selves.” Of course, few places come to mind that are happier and sunnier than Bermuda. With cotton candy sunsets, pink-sand beaches and pastel-coloured colonial buildings, Rose Quartz and Serenity are practically everyday staples here.

The harmonious colour pairing can be incorporated into any wardrobe for both men and women, since the colours represent balance as well as the blurring gender lines in fashion and self-expression. The colours are also muted, so they can be paired effortlessly with complementing colours. Serenity, according to Pantone, pairs well with peach, a buttercup yellow and a royal blue, whilst Rose Quartz pairs well with peach and gray. You could also incorporate the colours into your everyday outfit with statement pieces such as jewellery, handbags and shoes.

pantone shoe cover

“One is left to assume that the only type of fashion for a true Bermudian is one that involves colour, embracing bright, bold prints and hues,” says Tiffany Perry, the buyer, creative director and president of Perry Footwear & Collections. “For a tourist, this is what makes Bermuda an exciting and out-of-the-box destination to shop.” And she’s right. You’ll find plenty of colour to shop in Bermuda. An assortment of shirts, pants, dresses, shoes and accessories in hues of delicate rose pinks and soft blues can be found at most of the myriad shops in Hamilton. Whether it’s a pair of earrings or Bermuda shorts, picking out something in Rose Quartz and Serenity will surely bring the island to mind whenever you wear them.

Photos courtesy of Pantone; Perry Footwear & Collections.