Ride in Style with Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd

Bermuda is one of the most beautiful destinations in the world, so get outside and explore! Elbow Beach Cycles offers an extensive selection of travel options ranging from scooters to hybrid electric bikes. Become one with the scenery as you zip down streets with the wind in your face, and the smell of warm ocean air. Before you visit Bermuda, get acclimated to the many attractions on the island. Take your choice of one of the many travel options that Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd has to offer you and explore your surroundings.

Bermuda is known for its beautiful, unique beaches. After you pick up your scooter, take a tour of the island to find the perfect beach for you! Choose from a variety of beach options. If you have never seen pink sand, take time to visit Middle Beach in Southampton. Middle Beach is just a short trip away from Horseshoe Bay Beach, and offers a more quiet private experience along the coast of Bermuda. Also, sea glass beaches are native to the beautiful island of Bermuda. These fragments of glass thrown into the ocean by careless people are turned into works of art along the stunning beaches of Bermuda. Take a tour of the island on your scooter supplied by Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd and discover Black Bay Beach where you can witness sea glass first hand.

Between trips to the many beaches on Bermuda, take time to do some sight-seeing on the island. For those that love architecture and history, take a walk along the streets in the City of Hamilton. After your tour of Hamilton, visit Fort George in Bermuda which is one of the settlers’ first military installations beginning construction in 1612. After an afternoon of education on Bermuda’s history, ride your scooter to indulge in the beautiful views of Darrell’s Wharf. The sunset will take your breath away.

No matter what your plans are on the island of Bermuda. Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd is available to help make your vacation as memorable as possible. The polite staff eagerly await your calls to begin planning the perfect escape while you are on your vacation. Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd makes travelling in Bermuda a breeze. They not only offer vehicles to help you explore the island, but they also provide a detailed guide to help you make the best decisions for destinations while on vacation. What are you waiting for? Visit Bermuda today, and let Elbow Beach Cycles Ltd help you navigate your way around the island.