How the Official Cookie of the 2017 America’s Cup Came to Be

What started off as the cookie-baking dream of a 16-year-old girl became the sweet reality known today as the Bermudian boutique bakery, Confections.
“My concept back then, which lives on to this day, is to present something nostalgic and uniquely Bermudian — our traditional Bermuda sugar cookie — in a way that was beautiful enough to present to someone as a Christmas gift,” says Allison Smith, owner and founder of Confections. “It started with festive gift bags and evolved into the parcels, jars and tins, which I do today.” Her dedication to surpassing expectations and providing quality and presentation to all customers is what differentiates Confections from the rest.

As Smith took on a new project to further her business and make “pink sand” sugar cookies, the announcement of America’s Cup was made to the world, and shortly after, the America’s Cup cookies were born.

“My original packaging concept involved an Old World, nostalgic-style, pastel-pink cookie tin with a nautical embellishment at the neck and a pink bow accent. I simply rejigged the original concept for the creation of my America’s Cup tin, which is of course filled with our traditional Bermuda sugar cookies,” says Smith. “The tin is the same, but the design and colour family are America’s Cup–inspired and the embellishment is a stainless steel anchor and rope America’s Cup bracelet. I started out designing something that would just look very special and nautical on the tin, but as I researched, I realised that the embellishment could function as a bracelet as well if removed.”

Not only is Confections named the Official Cookie of the 2017 America’s Cup, but it also serves to help the community. Over the past few years Confections has donated to the children of Sunshine League, the Salvation Army, and Child and Family Services and even participated in the Toys for Tots program. Smith also has plans to form her very own charity called Confections Cares.

Photos courtesy of Confections