No Strings Attached: Deep-water Soloing in Bermuda


Photo by Davie Crawford/Flickr/Creative Commons

Sure, there is plenty of swimming, golfing, dining and shopping to be done in Bermuda. But there’s something for the adrenaline junkies, too. Deep-water soloing, a form of solo rock climbing that’s practiced on sea cliffs, is gaining popularity in Bermuda. For this sport, no heavy equipment is needed. All you need is a swimsuit, shoes with gripping rubber soles and deep water beneath you.

From beginner to expert level, the island offers deep-water soloing routes for all skill sets and most are climbable year-round. Luckily, the coast of Bermuda boasts beautiful caves and limestone cliff faces where a fall can be cushioned by warm crystalline waters.

Clarence Cove offers an array of short but challenging climbs, firm rock and plenty of deep water below should you need to let go. The rolling surface and numerous alcoves and ledges here make it a popular rock for first-time climbers. However, Clarence Cove isn’t without its challenges. More adventurous climbers, can try a direct ascend upwards from sea to land, or take their time and hug the wall in one of its horizontal or diagonal routes.

In Hogfish Bay, slightly softer rock with a safety net of deep, warm water can present more of challenging terrain for more experienced climbers. The climbs on these rocks tend to be steeper and often slippery, such as the Fungus Rock route, which is riddled with moss patches on the hand-holds. Despite the challenge, this rock has plenty of rewarding climbs to mix and match.

For more information, including highly detailed routes, pictures and videos visit the climbers’ community archive, Climb De Rock. Here friendly climbing locals are connected to visiting adventurers and climbers can find climbing buddies.

Cover Photo by Davie Crawford/Flickr/Creative Commons