Hop On! Scooters are Becoming the Fastest Way to Explore Bermuda

By Kristin White

Many will be familiar with the eastern-most parish on the island, St. George’s. A historic hub that was the home of the first settlers in 1612, it now features shopping, dining, museums and more.

But St. George’s has so many distinct areas, each with its own unique appeal. It’s worth taking the time to explore it all! But to do that, you’ll need to rent a bike. (No, not a bicycle… we call those “pedal-bikes.”) Mopeds or “scooters” are ubiquitous on the streets of Bermuda, sometimes called the “husband-mobile” because each household is only allowed one car. Tourists have been renting them for decades as an alternative to public transportation and a way to get off the beaten path.

The East Coast
Go up the hills that head east out of St. George’s and you’ll soon hit the eastern coast of the island. Fort St. Catherine and Tobacco Bay Beach are well-known attractions here and well worth the stop. Other sights include Alexandra Battery, a fortification and beach complex; the historic military cemetery at Grenadier Lane; and Drew’s Bay, a small pink sand–perfect beach cove you’ll probably have to yourself.

Ferry Reach Park
Heading west out of St. George’s, at the end of a very long lane that passes the Bermuda Institute for Ocean Science, is the 64-acre Ferry Reach Park nature reserve. It is perfect for swimming, hiking, mountain biking, camping and a day of adventure. During the summer months, around the full moon, it is also one of the best places to experience one of nature’s wonders, the Bermuda glow worm!

The 10th Parish
St. David’s Island is located within St. George’s Parish, but it is geographically and culturally a different community and definitely worth exploring. Don’t miss the Cooper’s Island Nature Reserve, located just past Gombeys Beach Bar at Clearwater Beach. Coopers Island is a series of paths that connect the most beautiful and isolated beaches in Bermuda.

Wondering where to rent a bike?
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