Have the Tropical Destination Wedding of Your Dreams With Bermuda Travel

Bermuda Travel’s founder Linda Mitchell fell into the role of destination wedding planner after a unique personal adventure on the Island of Bermuda.

Her daughter was planning a wedding back in 2002 and needed help preparing a destination wedding, to which Mitchell suddenly found herself in the position of a wedding planner.

Up until this point, Mitchell was working as a travel agent for high-end corporate agency. So when her daughter needed someone she trusted to help her plan a wedding abroad, Mitchell discovered a new calling!

What to Couples Need When Planning a Destination Wedding

Various destination wedding planners can organize flights and book trusted venues. What separates Bermuda Travel from other wedding planning agencies is the fact that she can offer more.

Her clients not only have successful weddings abroad, but they have memorable ceremonies that reflect their individual personalities. Couples need a destination wedding planner that can offer the entire package; from booking flights to providing insider knowledge on the area’s top venues, restaurants and transportation.

Popular Destination Wedding Locations

Over 24% of weddings in the United States are destination weddings. Some of the most popular wedding destinations include the following:

• Bermuda
• Hawaii
• The Cayman Islands

Bermuda Travel does not only work with couples that want to tie the knot in Bermuda, they are also equipped with experience that allows them to show off some of the most exclusive, breath-taking locations in Hawaii and the Caymans.

So when it comes to providing a unique experience that the whole family can enjoy, Bermuda Travel is able to provide families with the ability to easily create memorable and personalized experiences in a tropical paradise.

How Bermuda Travel Provides a Personal Experience for all Couples

One of the most unique qualities about Bermuda Travel is the fact that they are able to go beyond the traditional needs of coordinating transportation and food. The day Mitchell’s daughter was married was one of the happiest days of her life. She channels the excitement of her daughter’s big day and uses it to connect with couples on a personal level.

Her experience has given her increased empathy and understanding around the stress many couples and families experience when planning a destination wedding. Even more so, her experiences as a professional travel agent are invaluable as Mitchell provides everything couples need from logistical expertise to a personal touch on knowing the ins and outs of all the local hot spots.

Things Couples Should Consider When Planning a Tropical Wedding

Below is a short list of some things couples should take into consideration when planning a destination wedding:

• Accessibility of Destination for Couple and Guests

Bermuda, Hawaii, and the Caymans are all easy places for guests to get to. In fact, Bermuda is only about two hours away from New York City by air. Ease of access is integral to planning a wedding that is a tropical celebration rather than a traveler’s headache. Different Caribbean Islands typically take multiple days to get to. Couples should choose a location that will be easy to get to so that everyone can spend less time traveling and more time enjoying the tropics.

 • A Feel for the Local Vibe

It is also important to know what the locals do. Bermuda Travel can help connect couples with the best restaurants and establishments that match their individual styles. Their connections and relationships with local restaurant, catering and entertainment owners are paramount for being able to successfully peruse around the island, looking for various points of interest and things to do.

• Practical Considerations

Routine afternoon squalls can frighten many couples that have an outdoor wedding planned the following day.

Understanding basic weather patterns and avoiding high-risk times such as hurricane season can help couples avoid a destination wedding disaster.

It is important to work with a destination wedding planner that has trusted connections. Couples should be confident that their destination wedding will be one of the happiest times of their lives instead of getting cold feet about the venue.

Lasting Memories for Couples and Families

Bermuda Travel has an in-depth knowledge of the travel industry that spans over numerous decades. For Mitchell, planning and attending her daughter’s destination wedding made a lasting impact on how she approaches business. All clients that work with Bermuda Travel can expect to be treated like family as Mitchell has found a way to provide the entire package for clients that plan destination events including weddings, anniversaries, and special family events. She will always handle the essentials, from airfare to hotel bookings.

The Icing on the Cake

Mitchell offers something extra for clients. Her clients are never left to try to figure things out in a new place at the last minute. After gaining inspiration from her daughter’s wedding, she ensures that all of her clients have a memorable experience by providing comprehensive travel services in addition to unparalleled caring and empathy.