Good in Green: More Bermuda Businesses are Going Green

Taking eco-friendly matters into its own hands is what makes Bermuda a true gem. Big or small, businesses all throughout the island play an important role in the daily and future functions of the environment. Here are a few of the businesses that are making a green impact.

The Rosedon Hotel helped put Bermuda on the map as a top ecotourism destination. The hotel became the first on the island to receive silver status in the TripAdvisor GreenLeaders™ Program, which aims at helping a community of more than 200 million travellers find accommodations around the globe that are engaged in eco-friendly practices. Water conservation, recycling and implementing solar-powered energy into their everyday routine are some of the little ways this hotel makes a huge difference.


Photo: Instagram

Amongst Bermuda’s other green faces is the Bermuda Gas & Utility Company Limited that dedicate themselves to becoming eco-conscious. The company supplies electric stoves, as opposed to traditional gas stoves, that reduce electricity use with a burner that heats specifically to the size of the pot.

The Bacardí building is also doing its part by focusing on water and energy efficiency, as well as implementing a global programme that reduces harmful emissions. The company manages to save some 900 tonnes of carbon dioxide by having wind turbines for energy as a replacement to fossil fuels.

Not only are big businesses a part of the commitment, but small ones, too. Take Salt + Cedar, a locally owned beauty business by Andrea Fubler that is dedicated to making natural products for the health-conscious. Products range from beauty items to even small amounts of eco-friendly household items like reusable glass straws to help cut down on plastic waste or food wrap that is coated with beeswax.


Photo: Instagram

What better way to help promote an eco-friendly environment than with a little competition? That’s where Rocket Pitch comes in. Organised by the Bermuda Economic Development Corporation, this competition has added PitchGREEN to its categories that focus on eco-friendly ideas and is intended to bring out the entrepreneurs with a knack for saving the environment.