Get to Know the Real Bermuda with Bermuda Explorer

bermuda explorer

Any wise traveller knows that when getting to know a particular destination, there is more to it than meets the eye. In Bermuda, lazing on sunny beaches, shopping up a storm and dining at a top restaurant is just scratching the surface. To truly get to know Bermuda, the best way to go about it is by stepping into locals’ proverbial shoes — and with Bermuda Explorer, you can do just that.

Owned and operated by Dean Grant, together with a professional experienced team, Bermuda Explorer provides visitors the unique opportunity to experience Bermuda the way locals do. Meet local families who warmly welcome you into their home to learn their traditional ways of cooking Bermudian cuisine. You will also get to dine with them as they tell you stories about their island home and heritage. “People want to be with friendly, honest, real, down-to-earth people that they trust and don’t feel like they are being taken advantage of,” says Grant, who has worked in the hospitality industry his whole life. “And that is how the Bermudian people are. Hospitality is in our blood, and we are kind at heart.”


One of the most popular authentic Bermudian tour experiences — as well as Grant’s personal favourite — is the catch and cook experience, which involves going fishing with a local family, Bermuda-style. Guests will have the opportunity to learn secret recipes and help out in the kitchen to prepare the rest of the meal with the host family, says Grant. Whilst the fish is cooking on the grill outside, the host family provides a Rum Swizzle demonstration, then it’s finally time to eat the meal you worked hard for. “It’s the human element that makes this experience stand out from your everyday tour,” says Grant. “Anyone can have a tour, but not everyone will have an experience.”

Whatever you can dream up, Bermuda Explorer can make it happen. All you have to do is shoot them an e-mail detailing what sort of experience you are looking for and where you would like to go, and then a savvy team member will tailor the perfect tour experience around your budget and time frame. Need help planning your entire trip to the island? Just visit Bermuda Explorer’s website and hit the “Experience Planner” button. You will answer a few questions, which will then prompt a friendly customer service representative who will help plan your desired experience. This allows guests to plan out each day of their vacation, from accommodations and transportation to dining and tours. “Each experience is different because each guest is different,” says Grant. “This is not your typical cookie-cutter tour. It’s very personal.” For more information and to book your tour, visit

Photos courtesy of Bermuda Explorer via Facebook