Explore Bermuda with Elbow Beach Cycles

Elbow Beach Cycles is more than another scooter rental company.  We have been a family run business for over 65 years.  We provide the best service to our customers at the best prices.  Explore Bermuda on a motorized scooter, an electric bicycle, or a mountain bike.  Find out why our family has lived in Bermuda for the past five generations.  We want to give tourists the unique chance to discover what our home has to offer.  Our roots can be traced back to Dudley Alexander “Buddy” Thomas, who was a brilliant mechanic.

How It Began In 1944

As legend has it, Buddy could hear a loose bolt during a monumental downpour.  He had a knack for fixing anything that could break before anyone else could detect that it was broken.  Dudley Sr. saw an untapped market for tourism in Bermuda.  He wanted to give others the chance to explore the place that he was proud to call home by offering scooter and bicycle rental services.  But, Dudley Sr. decided to make his business more than the first of its kind on the Island of Bermuda.  He wanted to make it the best.  Dudley Sr. coined the phrase that our family business still works by today:

“Only the best for my guests.”

We continue to carry on more than a top rental company.  We carry on the legacy of Dudley Sr. by providing the best service at the best prices possible.  When you come to Bermuda, we will treat you as our guest instead of just another customer.

We Are A Bermuda Landmark

Be our guest when you visit the beautiful Island we have considered our home for generations.  We have the insider knowledge you need to have a fantastic time.  We know where the best beaches are.  We have eaten at the restaurants where the locals go.  We have known almost everything there is to know about Bermuda for five generations.  And, we provide the best rental services available.  We attribute our success to our positive and progressive attitude.  We want tourists to enjoy our home as much as we do.  We offer more than other rental companies for a reason.  This is not only our business.  Elbow Beach Cycles is part of who we are as a family and as residents of Bermuda.

Do Not Forget About The Nuts and Bolts

We have always stuck to Dudley Sr.’s roots.  A motorized scooter that breaks down is more of a headache than an island adventure.  We know mechanics just about as well as we know the Island of Bermuda.  We provide the following standard services:

  • We will drop off your scooter or bicycle where and when you need it.
  • We always perform routine maintenance on all of our scooters and bicycles after they are used by our customers to ensure that there are no small or large issues.
  • We always provide top rentals for the best price possible.  We take pride in what we do, and we want to do everything we can to ensure that you enjoy exploring Bermuda.
  • We will provide any training, advice, or help that you need to have a safe and memorable trip.

Expect the best Bermuda has to offer when renting from our family business.

Why We Love Our Business In Bermuda

We have the almost unprecedented opportunity to provide top rental services to tourists in one of the most beautiful parts of the world.  Bermuda has something for everyone, and we can show you how to find the best sites the Island has to offer.  We are passionate about showing you what we love.  We believe that exploring Bermuda by scooter or bicycle is the best way to get a feel for the Island that we have called home for over a century.  Many people are surprised to learn how close Bermuda is to the East Coast of the United States.   After about two hours on a plane, you can find yourself transported from a terminal in New York City to an Island Paradise.

Come Be Our Guest On The Island of Bermuda

We want you to be our guest the next time you come to the Island of Bermuda.  Let us show you our culture, our family, and Bermuda living at its best.  As our guest, you are guaranteed only the best service Bermuda has to offer.