Experience the Arts in Bermuda With the Bermuda Festival for the Performing Arts

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Over the years, Bermuda has proven itself to be an ever-growing melting pot of cultures and boundless talent, both locally and internationally. Every spring, the island’s capacity for artistic growth is showcased with the Bermuda Festival for the Performing Arts, where artists ranging from orchestral musicians to theatre performers gather to show off their craft and appeal to a diverse audience. Here are just a few of the season highlights:

Bermuda Brass

Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton, Feb. 16–17

The musical roots of the festival — as well as a taste of local flavour — lie with Bermuda Brass, which is comprised of the island’s top brass soloists and chamber artists of international renown. The ensemble will play together for the first time at the festival, and the combination of talented island natives promises an enchanting performance.

A Menuhin Centenary Celebration

Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton, Feb. 19–20

2016 marks the 100th birthday anniversary of the Bermuda Festival’s founder, violinist Lord Menuhin. In honour of the generosity and commitment of this great artist, the festival has brought together over 20 returning and current teachers of the Menuhin Foundation. In addition to the scheduled performances, pop-up events will be scattered across the island at 11 a.m. on February 20 to offer everyone an opportunity to enjoy the music.

White Snake by Shanghai Dramatic Arts

Earl Cameron Theatre, City Hall, Hamilton, Feb. 23–24

Based on a Chinese legend of the Tang Dynasty, White Snake is a story of a man in love with a woman who has a secret. Adapted by award-winning Italian dramatist Giacomo Ravicchio and featuring China’s top actors, the performance is a rich, multi-media retelling of a classic myth that is sure to inspire and delight its audiences.

For more events and information, as well as to purchase tickets, visit bermudafestival.org

Photo courtesy The Bermuda Festival fo the Performing Arts