Enjoy Art in the Park with Bermuda’s Outdoor National Gallery Collection

Desmond Fountain, Spirit of Joanna, 1993, bronze. Collection of the Bermuda National Gallery.

Desmond Fountain, Spirit of Joanna, 1993, bronze. Collection of the Bermuda National Gallery.

A lovely art experience awaits visitors who seek out the Queen Elizabeth Park, tucked in behind Bermuda’s historic Perot Post Office on Queen Street in Hamilton. Located just a few steps from the ferry terminal on Front Street, the park is a local gem, boasting a beautifully designed garden with endemic horticulture, exploratory pathways, water features and a variety of sculptures.The majority of artwork on display in the park is from the permanent collection of the Bermuda National Gallery. Several works were given to the museum as part of a significant gift by John Hinson Young II and his wife Nelga, former owners of the Lantana Colony Club in Somerset. In days gone by, their art collection dotted the landscape.

Whilst enjoying a picnic lunch here, one can discover David Wall — former principal dancer with Britain’s Royal Ballet — depicted in mid-flight, in Jeté by Italian sculptor Enzo Plazzotta. Equally energised is Birds of Flight by Hungarian artist George Gach, who transformed stainless steel to render weightless forms.

Looking out to the future in a commanding way is Tehuana (Woman with a Cloak), a female figure in a traditional garment carrying a water urn, by Mexican artist Victor Hugo Castañeda. Bearing a very different posture is Student, a youth captivated by his book, rendered in springstone by Zimbabwean artist Jonathan Mhondorohuma.

The artwork in the park is from various regions and reflects the diversity of peoples and cultures on the island. Similarly, one will discover the Bermuda National Gallery’s permanent art collection and temporary exhibitions as diverse and engaging. Please visit us soon in City Hall in Hamilton. For more information, visit bermudanationalgallery.com.

Photos courtesy of Bermuda National Gallery.