The Pit Stop

Forget what you’ve been told about dining out in Bermuda being heavy on the pocket but light in both value and substance! Along came The Pit Stop on South Shore Road and finally there was “real” Texas-style BBQ available. It’s evident that this guy cooks with passion and experience. Since opening in July 2017, The Pit Stop has become one of the highest-rated sites on Facebook and is extremely popular with both visitors and locals alike. It’s a no-shoes-needed, barnyard-looking joint where you can feast on Heritage pork ribs and pulled Boston butt, beef brisket smoked to perfection and house-made sausage; particularly popular is their own creation of smoky Buckboard (Hillbilly) bacon. Try their delicious smoked mac-n-cheese, fresh local fish (when available) and a myriad of creations to satisfy any palate. Did we mention the cheapest and coldest beers on island? Come direct from the beach dripping wet and covered in sand — they really don’t care! Just bring a positive attitude and a big appetite, because nothing there is small. Twizzy charging station is available at no charge, and pork roast nights throughout the summer.


93 South Shore Rd., Warwick

(441) 234-7867
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