The Phoenix Stores Ltd.

The Phoenix Stores Ltd. was established in 1902 and is Bermuda’s largest pharmacy comprised of seven major locations across the island: The Phoenix Centre, Collector’s Hill Apothecary, Paget Pharmacy, Warwick Pharmacy, Clarendon Pharmacy, Woodbourne Chemist and Dockyard Pharmacy. It’s commitment to providing quality products and outstanding service makes The Phoenix Stores Ltd. a market leader in a variety of retail segments including prescriptions, health and beauty aids and newsstand publications. Emergency prescriptions are dispensed on the spot and each location stocks an extensive range of over-the-counter medications, health and beauty aids, postcards, souvenirs, beach gear, sun-care products, mobile phone cards, snacks, beverages newspapers and magazines. All stores are open six days a week, while The Phoenix Centre, Collector’s Hill Apothecary, Paget Pharmacy, Warwick Pharmacy and Dockyard Pharmacy are also open Sundays and holidays. See ad for full hours of operation.

The Phoenix Centre
3 Reid St., Hamilton
Tel: (441) 279-5451
Clarendon Pharmacy
31 Victoria St., Hamilton
Tel: (441) 279-5444
Collector’s Hill Apothecary
2 South Rd., Smith’s
Tel: (441) 279-5513
Dockyard Pharmacy
Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys
Tel: (441) 279-5410
Paget Pharmacy, Rural Hill Plaza
130 South Rd., Paget
Tel: (441) 279-5511
Warwick Pharmacy
49 Middle Rd., Warwick
Tel: (441) 279-5557
Woodbourne Chemist
1 Gorham Rd., Pembroke
Tel: (441) 295-2663

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Dockyard Glassworks
Chatam House