Bermuda Breeze Buses

Bermuda - Breeze Buses

A practical way to reach Royal Naval Dockyard is on a government-operated Bermuda Breeze bus, routes 7 or 8. A blue or pink pole indicates a bus stop. If the pole is blue, the bus travels from Hamilton to Dockyard; if the pole is pink, the direction of the route is towards Hamilton from Dockyard. You must have exact fare in coins if you pay cash; bills are not accepted. Bermuda is divided into 14 zones. Trips up to three zones cost $3.50; longer trips are $5.00. The cost of a token is $2.75 for three zones and $4.50 for up to 14 zones. The most economical option is a Transportation Pass which is valid on all routes on both ferries and buses and cost are, adult 1 day $19.00, 2 day $31.50, 3 day $44.00, 4 day $48.50, and 7 day $62.00. Children passes are 1 day $9.50, 2 day $16.00, 3 day $22.00, 4 day $24.00, and 7 day $31.00.

​Tickets, tokens and transportation passes are available from the Hubert Winfield (Sparky) Lightbourne Central Bus Terminal on Washington Street in Hamilton. Tokens and transportation passes are also available at the Ferry Terminal in Hamilton, the Visitors’ Information Centres, many hotels and guest houses. Tickets, school passes and adult passes are available at many post offices.

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