Bermuda Breeze Buses

A practical way to travel around the island is on a government-operated Bermuda Breeze bus. A blue or pink pole indicates a bus stop. If the pole is blue, the direction of the route the bus travels is from Hamilton; if the pole is pink, the direction of the route is towards Hamilton. You must have exact fare in coins if you pay cash; bills are not accepted. Bermuda is divided into 14 zones. Trips up to three zones cost $3.50; longer trips are $5.00. The cost of a token is $2.75 for three zones and $4.50 for up to 14 zones. The most economical option is a Transportation Pass which is valid on all routes on both ferries and buses and cost are, adult 1 day $19.00, 2 day $31.50, 3 day $44.00, 4 day $48.50, and 7 day $62.00. Children passes are 1 day $9.50, 2 day $16.00, 3 day $22.00, 4 day $24.00, and 7 day $31.00

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