Atlantic Jewellery Studio

Tucked inside of the Washington Mall is a store with ocean blue walls, whimsical marine décor in the windows, and unique handmade jewellery displayed from wall to wall. Owner Jacquie Lohan’s 20-year love affair working with precious metals and gemstones is inspired by that she’s also a passionate surfer. This infatuation with the ocean reveals itself in the many diverse collections in the Studio that include one of its most popular creations- ’The Bermuda Medallion’. These silver-sculpted pendants are truly unique pieces. They contain pieces of coloured sea-glass, Bermuda pink sand, replicas of tiny seashells cast in silver, and resemble the little tide-pools left on the rocks by the waves. A hand-picked selection of Bermuda pink sand and gemstone Jewellery is also available at the Island Outfitters store in Dockyard and Pulp and Circumstance at the Bermuda Airport.


Washington Mall, 9 Reid St., Hamilton

(441) 542-1554
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