The Clocktower Mall

Learn about the The Clocktower Mall. Bermuda was once a bastion of Royal Naval power in the Western Atlantic, and the grandeur of its architecture reminds us of its rich nautical history.

One such highlight are the Clocktowers, the centerpiece of The Royal Naval Dockyard. Build in 1856 as storehouses, these imposing structures with its 100-foot twin towers can be seen from miles away.

The Northern Tower shows the time of the high tide, once vital information to sailers. The Southern Tower acts as a clock and was once referred to as “the four-faced liar,” as each face gave a slightly different time — and of course, the Dockyard workers used the most advanced dial for knock off time.

Today, The Clocktower Mall is home to more than 20 stores, amongst them gift shops, jewellers and fashion boutiques. Open seven days a week — except Good Friday and Christmas Day — this is one of the most popular shopping venues in Bermuda.

There’s so much to explore in Bermuda. Want to experience it all as the locals do? Here are our picks for the best places to shop.

The Bermuda Triangle Shop

The Bermuda Triangle Shop is full of treasures and is the most eclectic shop in the mall, packed with...

Bermuda - Jennifer Rodrigues Designs

Jennifer Rodrigues Designs

You can find Jennifer Rodrigues Designs’ beautifully hand-fabricated jewellery at several locations island wide. Jennifer has a deep love...

Bermuda - Wedco

West End Development Corporation (WEDCO)

West End Development Corporation (WEDCO) was established to assist in the commercial and residential development of the West End, inclusive of...

Bermuda - Fair Trade

Fair Trade Bermuda Shop

The Fair Trade Bermuda Shop, where “trade is aid,” is the place to find exotic, one-of-a-kind items from Bermuda...

Studio 8 Glass

Studio 8 Glass is a working glass-fusing studio where they produce pieces of glass art for sale. Come along...

Bermuda - Littlest Drawbridge

Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop

The Littlest Drawbridge Gift Shop is packed with unique handmade gifts from Bermuda featuring the aromatic Bermuda cedar treasures,...

TABS – The Authentic Bermuda Shorts

TABS are “The Authentic Bermuda Shorts,” designed by a Bermudian in Bermuda. Each colour and pattern is inspired by...

Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar welcomes you in with its colourful selection of unique Bermuda gifts such as beach towels, hand-painted ceramics,...

Bermuda - Hand Made

Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd

Hand Made (Bermuda) Ltd. is a unique company promoting arts and crafts made exclusively in Bermuda. It’s the ideal...

Bermuda - Nannini's

Nannini Haagen-Dazs Ice Cream Parlour

No visit to Royal Naval Dockyard is complete without a visit to the Nannini Häagen-Dazs Ice Cream Parlour in...

Picturesque Gallery

The Picturesque Gallery showcases Bermudian photographer Roland Skinner’s best work, spanning a 50-year career. Roland’s images of Bermuda truly...

Bermuda - Free Shuttle Train

Dockyard Free Shuttle Train

Don’t forget the free shuttle train that circles throughout Dockyard. In the summer months, our free trolley shuttle service winds...

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