Authentic Keepsakes to Bring Home From Bermuda

One of the biggest highlights of travelling is bringing home gifts and keepsakes to preserve memories made on vacation and share the experience with friends and family. Taking home a piece of Bermuda is easy. Many souvenirs and tasty products are made right here and cannot be found anywhere else. Here’s a list of what you might find:

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Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery

One-of-a-Kind Jewellery

Tell anyone you’re visiting Bermuda and the immediate response will be that you can’t leave without some of the island’s pretty pink sand. And while you could buy it in a vial or Christmas tree ornament, you can also get it in an original, elegant piece from a shop like Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery. The shop contains everything from wedding bands to necklaces to brooches in silver and gold with accents of Bermuda’s famous pink sand, and would make a beautiful gift for a loved one or a great treat for yourself!

Another natural Bermudian masterpiece is its stunning seaglass. Bermuda Seaglass by Kelly, owned by Kelly Diel, is a charming treasure trove of Bermuda seaglass jewellery. Polished to perfection by years of sand, salt and the pressure of ocean waves, every piece of Bermuda seaglass is a unique gem.

Bermuda-made Spirits

Leaving Bermuda without a bottle of rum is practically against the law. Add a bottle of the rich, dark spirit to your suitcase from the island’s essential distiller, Gosling’s Rum, which offers a series of flavours to choose from. Gosling’s puts the flavour in everything from the famous Bermuda Rum Swizzle to Bermuda fish chowder.

CBTWX0 Bermuda Rum Cake at the Royal Naval Dockyard, Bermuda.. Image shot 2011. Exact date unknown.

Crafty Keepsakes and Tasty Treats

If you’re looking to bring home a taste of Bermuda outside of the bottle, you can visit the historical site of Dockyard Glassworks and The Bermuda Rum Cake Company. Pair one-of-a-kind keepsakes with a delicious treat of rum cake in a variety of popular flavours, from the year-round traditional to the seasonal Christmas rum cake. Other souvenirs include blown glass artwork from mugs to perfume bottles, engravings and flame-molded glass figurines.