5 Things To Do in South Shore, Bermuda


South Shore is an oasis of towering limestone bluffs, cool coves and winding trails stretched between Bermuda’s Southampton and Warwick Parishes. This photographer’s paradise is made up of beautiful nature reserves proudly displaying the beauty of the island, and serves as the perfect spot for vacationers seeking a bit of natural solace. Here are five ways to discover the allure of the area on your vacation:

1. Horseshoe Bay

This beach is the perfect spot for those looking for a fun, convenient and safe place for a family outing. Horseshoe Bay is easy to reach by public transport, offers a variety of fun beach rentals and is often the host of family-friendly events like Easter kite festivals and concerts throughout the year. Explore the beach or head to an adjacent cove for a more private outing.

2. Scaur Hill Fort and Park

Scaur Hill dates back to the 19th century, when the British thought that the United States might pose a threat to Bermuda. The fort has since served as a strategic base in the World Wars and has since become one of the island’s major architectural landmarks and attractions.

3. Gibb’s Hill Lighthouse

As the oldest cast-iron lighthouse in the world, Gibb’s Hill is tall enough to be seen by sailors 40 miles from shore. Climb to the top for a beautiful view of the coast or head to the dining room for a delicious bite to eat!

4. Trail Rides

Looking for a unique way to explore the trails and beaches of Bermuda? Spiceland Equestrian Centre offers trail rides for all ages. Catch a Bermuda sunrise with an early morning ride and enjoy the chance to take a dip in the waves! On the Bermuda Railway Trail, you can rent a bike or take a walk along this 21-milestretch of trail that stretches from rocky coastline to breathtaking backcountry.

Photo courtesy of the Bermuda Tourism Association.