4 Best Places to do Yoga in Bermuda

More and more travellers are organising their trips around health and wellness, especially around yoga.

Whether you’re looking to spend a week downward facing dog on a sandy beach or want to make a pit stop at a studio for some vinyasa before lunchtime, avid yogis and beginners alike can find the peace and tranquillity they’re looking for here in Bermuda. That’s why we culled our top picks on the island for getting your “om” on.

Photo: Instagram

Rise and shine with sunrise yoga on the beach at the Fairmont Southampton. A flowing vinyasa yoga class blending strength, flexibility and balance, the practice achieves a full-body workout alongside an uplifting experience in a serene Atlantic setting. Meeting at 7:30 a.m., guests can greet the sun and get in touch with nature at a private beach at East Whale Bay, next to Horseshoe Bay.

Guests at Grotto Bay Beach Resort & Spa can take advantage of a variety of wellness-related classes, such as crystal yoga, lunar yoga flow and guided meditation. To really recharge, relax and expand your meditation practice, take up the peaceful warrior meditation class, where Angela N. Holton, a life coach, international speaker and author, demystifies the practice of meditation and gently guides you to a calming state.

Over at the Elbow Beach Residents Club, the Club Yoga Centre focuses on the practice, teaching and study of Iyengar yoga, a method developed by Sri B.K.S. Iyengar of Pune, India. The method is known using props as aids in performing asanas (postures) and emphasises the development of strength, stamina, flexibility and balance, as well as concentration (dharana) and meditation (dhyana). Complete with two fully equipped yoga studios, the centre offers a calm and spacious sanctuary for yogis of all skill levels. All classes and workshops are taught by certified iyengar yoga teachers, so you can feel comfort in receiving safe, skilled and professional teaching.

As the only yoga studio in Bermuda dedicated to kids, teens and adults, Kinetix offers a unique experience that is beneficial to yogis of all ages and skill levels. Kinetix incorporates different aspects of yoga, gymnastics and calisthenics into classes. For some on-the-beach yoga fun, sign up for stand-up paddleboard yoga, which challenges the skills of balance and focus of the mind whilst on the water.

Photo courtesy of Bermuda Tourism Board