10 Bermuda Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Whether you’re scrolling through Instagram for mouth-watering munchies, photo-worthy fashion or breathtaking travel pictures, there is a Bermudian Instagram ccount for that. These islanders provide perfect photo inspiration to help you enjoy the best of Bermuda — all you have to do is hit the follow button.

princessbermuda 1

Photo by Alexander Masters (Instagram.com/ambda)

Who: Hamilton Princess

Handle: @princessbermuda

What you’ll find: The Hamilton Princess hotel is great for connecting travellers to more than the hotel. Pictures range from hotel updates to scenic views, historic attractions and favourite island locales.

bermunchies 4

Who: Bermunchies

Handle: @bermunchies

What you’ll find: A visual hub of Bermuda’s foodie scene. Anyone who loves to eat won’t want to miss out on all of the #bermudafood posts of original recipes and fantastic local restaurants. You can take part in the action, too! Tag your best Bermudian foodie pics with #Bermunchies for a chance to be featured.

exist 270 5

Who: Karriem A. Sharrief

Handle: @exist270

What you’ll find: A lot of cliff diving, adventuring and amazing views of deep blue waters. Thumbing through Sharrief’s everyday adventures will have you ready to book a flight to find your own special place on Bermuda’s stunning shores.

bermudadreaming 1

Who: Bermuda Dreaming

Handle: @bermudadreaming

What you’ll find: Bermuda Dreaming is made up of a team of volunteer photographers, artists, hoteliers, environmentalists and retailers devoted to showing everyone the beauty of Bermuda. The intention is to create inspiring content to entice travellers into visiting the island.

alexandrabermuda 4

Who: Alexandra Mosher

Handle: @alexandrabermuda

What you’ll find: The creator of stunning pink sand jewelry runs a personal feed full of #Bermudalove. Thumbing through Mosher’s casually elegant pictures will remind you to stop and smell the roses.

bermynet 4

Who: BermyNet

Handle: @bermynet

What you’ll find: If you’re looking to get the inside scoop on the local action, BermyNet is the place for you. Follow this account to find pictures of Bermuda, its inhabitants and all the fun stuff they do. You can even take part while you visit! Use the tag #bermynet for a chance to be featured with the locals.

bermemes 4

Who: Bermemes

Handle: @bermeme

What you’ll find: A sense of community. This account has a plethora of funny videos and memes as well as flickers of the island’s natural beauty and what the people are up to from holidays to sporting events.

marcuscooks 3

Who: Marcus Samuelsson

Handle: @marcuscooks

What you’ll find: Samuelsson is the owner of two restaurants in New York City — Red Rooster and Streetbird — and one in Bermuda, Marcus’ Bermuda. The celebrity chef, restaurant owner, cookbook author and art enthusiast’s personal account is filled with perfectly poised design, flashes of modern art and, of course, mouthwatering food pics.

ahhbermuda 1

Who: Bermuda Travel Guide

Handle: @ahhbermuda

What you’ll find: An “Ahh-mazing” collection of Bermuda photos from colourful seaports to the trademark pink-sand beaches and turquoise waters. The Bermuda Travel Guide’s mission is to show off the beauty of the isles. Use the tag #AhhBermuda for a chance to have your scenic Bermuda pics reposted!

weldonwade 1

Who: Weldon Wade

Handle: @weldonwade

What you’ll find: Stunning underwater photographs and dive videos. The founder of Bermuda Ocean Explorers is an avid diver and conservationist. Flip through this Instagram for a crash course on Bermuda’s natural beauty.