Include Oleander Cycles in Your Exhilarating Bermuda Vacation

Your vacation to Bermuda should be packed full of exciting, unique experiences you simply can’t get anywhere else. Here at HCP Aboard Publishing, we’ve discovered a shining diamond in the beautiful scenery of Bermuda in Oleander Cycles. With eight locations throughout Bermuda, the company offers rentals of scooters, bikes, and mopeds that allow you to tour the area with the wind blowing in your hair and ultimate control over your destination.

Company History

Oleander Cycles was founded in 1964 in Paget. Originally at the end of Valley Road at the Buena Vista Guest House, John Leseur set the company up to rent mopeds and pedal bikes from the garage of his parent’s home. As tourists came and went, Leseur noticed a need for a unique transportation method. Business continued to grow, and he expanded to a small house up the road. After three years, the company was turned into a limited liability company and built a new headquarters building. Since then, the company has been housed in the same building and acquired a scooter business to expand the services offered to customers.

After three decades, Oleander Cycles purchased Ray’s Cycles with two additional locations in Southampton and Dockyard. With a final purchase of Dowling’s Cycles in St. Georges, the company now offers services in all areas of the island.

Experience the Difference of Oleander Cycles

Oleander Cycles offers several convenient locations throughout the island. Four locations are onsite at the largest hotels on the island. Customers can stroll to the shop and start their vacation experience within minutes of arrival.

Although the company offers modern equipment and facilities, the biggest benefit is the good old-fashioned friendly service. The staff understands the needs of tourists, and provides a laid-back environment in which tourists can begin their vacation. Many staff members have over a decade of experience with the company, ensuring that tourists get the best equipment and advice for the journey they are looking for.

Renting a moped, cycle or scooter is a fun way to travel the island, and the rentals from Oleander Cycles are reliable, and any customer in need of assistance is always helped within half an hour. Visitors can relax and enjoy a ride when they know help is right around the corner if it’s needed. Oleander Cycles understands the importance of your vacation and doesn’t want you to waste it stranded on the side of the road.

Affordable Costs for Every Tourist

Choose from 2 cycles in the fleet from Oleander Cycles. The 2-seater Deluxe cycle comes in at $85 for the beginning 24 hour period. The one-seater Standard cycle is $80 for the original 24 hour period. Included in the price is the Mandatory $30 Repair Waiver that releases the customer from any third party liabilities or damages to the rental.

Oleander Cycles comes in cheaper than other competitors on the island. Competitor prices are set at $105 for the first 24 hours including the Repair Waiver. While prices may fluctuate based on the season and the demand, you can always visit Oleander Cycles if you want the best rental deal on the island.

Because cars can’t be rented on the island and mopeds are tough to come by, tourists can experience the island on a scooter or cycle from Oleander Cycles.

Simple Rental Process

When a customer visits Oleander Cycles, they are out on the cycle within minutes. Customers can either pick up the cycle or have it delivered by the company. They are then fitted for a helmet and participate in a small training with an instructor regarding how to use the cycle. The customer then has the opportunity to practice until he or she feels comfortable operating the cycle. Once the rental contract has been signed and paid for, the customer is free to explore the island on their own time frame.

Experience Bermuda at Your Own Pace

Bermuda is 21 miles long and is home to many historical venues and beaches and coves, only accessible by small roads. When customers travel the island on a ferry, taxi or bus, they miss many opportunities to see small pieces of the island’s culture and history. With a cycle from Oleander Cycles, a tourist can travel the island with the sun on their face and the wind at their back. Avoid the pressures and time frames of public transportation with a rental from Oleander Cycles.

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