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Getting to and Around St. George’s

Take advantage of Bermuda’s excellent public transportation and head out to St. George’s by taxi, bus or ferry. Sea Express ferry offers a seasonal Orange Route that operates from April to November to St. George’s from Hamilton, via Dockyard. In addition, there are four high-speed catamarans that serve these routes (295-4506, To take a Bermuda Breeze bus ride from Hamilton to St. George’s, choose routes 1, 3, 10 or 11. Or, you can take the bus from Dockyard, via Hamilton, to St. George’s (292-3851, You can also try the Transportation Pass, which is good for unlimited rides on the bus and ferry system. Passes cost $19 for one day, $31.50 for two days, $44 for three days, $48.50 for four days, $62 for seven days. Children’s passes cost $9.50 for one day, $16 for two days, $22 for three days, $24 for four days, and $31 for seven days.

Getting to and Around Dockyard

A practical way to reach Royal Naval Dockyard is on a government-operated Bermuda Breeze bus, routes 7 or 8. A blue or pink pole indicates a bus stop. If the pole is blue, the bus travels from the City of Hamilton to Dockyard; if the pole is pink, the direction of the route is towards the City of Hamilton from Dockyard. You must have exact fare in coins if you pay cash; bills are not accepted. Bermuda is divided into 14 zones. Trips up to three zones cost $3.50; longer trips are $5. The cost of a token is $2.75 for three zones and $4.50 for up to 14 zones. (292-3851,

Visitors can also rent a scooter from Oleander Cycles, Bermuda’s No. 1 cycle livery, offering quality scooters at competitive rates. In Dockyard, Oleander Cycles is located at Cockburn Road. The company provides instructions and a practice area. The Dockyard location is open when the cruise ships are in port. (234-2764,

Bermuda’s Sea Express ferry system provides residents and visitors a reliable, regular mode of transport. Ferries are an easy and convenient way to travel to Dockyard and afford passengers a perfect opportunity to see the island’s beauty from the water. The Blue Route serves Hamilton, Somerset and Dockyard ($4.50 in tokens or $5 in cash each way). A seasonal Orange Route operates from April through November from St. George’s to Dockyard ($4.50 in tokens or $5 in cash each way).

The most economical option is a Transportation Pass, which is valid on all routes on both ferries and buses. Passes are available for one day ($19), two days ($31.50), three days ($44), four days ($48.50), and seven days ($62). Children’s passes are available for one day ($9.50), two days ($16), three days ($22), four days ($24), and seven days ($31). (295-4506,

The Dockyard Visitor Information Centre (VIC) is conveniently located in the gazebo adjacent to the cruise ship pier and bus and ferry stops. Here you can pick up your public transportation passes for the buses and ferries. (296-9400)

When the cruise ships are in port at Dockyard — or there’s a special event going on — a free shuttle train circles throughout Dockyard from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m., dropping and collecting riders at numerous stops.

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