Sul Verde

Italian for “on the green,” Sul Verde offers stunning views of the Tucker’s Point Golf Course to accompany a selection of special dishes from unique regions in Italy. Striving to deliver the most authentic taste, chefs seek out ingredients from each Italian region, and combine them with fresh local products from Bermuda. The “Ocean” pizza for example, marries flour from Napoli, transformed into the perfect “Verace” crust that is both crisp and chewy. Sweet shrimp, scallops and calamari are then seasoned with garlic, chili and basil to compliment this uniquely Bermudian pizza. Cheese aficionados will enjoy the house made mozzarella and creamy burrata served alongside classic antipasti and house-infused grappas.

Rosewood Tucker’s Point, 60 Tucker’s Point Drive, Tuckers Point
(441) 298-6983
Elbow Beach Cycles LTD
Bermuda Monetary Authority
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