The St. George’s Foundation

The mission of The St. George’s Foundation is to invest in the UNESCO World Heritage Site, Town of St. George and its related fortifications future by providing cultural, educational and recreational experiences that will benefit both residents and visitors now and for generations to come. They work to support and revitalise the local economy by creating new opportunities for business, and to develop historic St. George’s as a world tourism destination. Their visitor attractions are the first-class World Heritage Centre, which serves as the prime orientation centre with a full range of related activities, from walking tours and educational programmes to lively historical reenactments and open-air concerts on the Plaza. They also operate the Deliverance replica, “The Ship that Saved America,” located on Ordnance Island, just off the Town Square. The foundation’s vision for St. George’s involves more than bricks and mortar. It’s about fostering a sense of pride amongst citizens and developing a rejuvenated town that’s alive with activity and excitement, a place people will want to visit time and time again. Their motto is “Celebrating 20 Years of Bringing Bermuda’s History to Life within the UNESCO World Heritage Site.”

Somers Wharf, 16 Water St., St. George’s
297 8043
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