Glaze Bakery-Café

Glaze Bakery-Café is Bermuda’s No. 1 bakery and famous for its unique and flavourful products, warm hospitality and colourful interior design. With multiple store locations, this neighbourhood corner-bakery is the only bakery in Bermuda to make everything fresh daily from scratch. Decadent pastries, delectable doughnuts, hot coffees, cold smoothies and delicious sandwiches and deli foods, Glaze Bakery-Café has something for everyone. With a priority on ensuring exceptional customer service, the goal of Glaze Bakery-Café is to provide the food you want to eat depending on the way you want to eat. For wellness, comfort food or indulgence, Glaze Bakery-Café has something special for you.

20 Church St., Hamilton / 10 Bermudiana Rd., Hamilton / Also locations islandwide
(441) 292-4422 / 292-1122
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