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Bermuda - Alexander Mosher

Bermudian artist Alexandra Mosher draws from the island’s natural beauty to create inspired sculptural jewellery. “I create expressive, original pieces which explore the tiny wonders of this magical place,” she explains. Alexandra is best known for her Bermuda Reef Collection, in which she incorporates pink Bermuda sand into sterling silver and gold to create captivating pieces of wearable art. Her design process involves the ancient technique of lost wax casting; she first hand carves all her designs and then casts them in small editions. Delighted by her new starfish pendant, one happy client wrote, “It must be wonderful to live in such a lovely place and be constantly inspired by your environment. Thank you for sharing your gift of turning natural beauty into a forever memory.” You can find Alexandra Mosher Studio Jewellery’s new flagship store and design studio on Front Street in Hamilton, just steps from the Ferry Terminal.  They also ship internationally.

Flagship Store & Studio: 5 Front St., Hamilton Washington Mall: 7 Reid St., Hamilton
(441) 236-9009
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