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Bermuda - AS Copper Men

A.S. Cooper Man, opposite the Ferry Terminal, is the island’s largest men’s store, featuring Polo Ralph Lauren, Helly Hansen, DKNY, Calvin Klein, Perry Ellis, Lacoste, Vinyard Vines and IZOD, all at
U.S. prices.

Next door is A.S. Cooper Children for outfits from newborn to age 14.

A.S. Cooper Express, in Washington Mall on Reid Street, sets the trend in fashion and accessories for juniors.

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A.S. Cooper & Sons Ltd.
Main store, 59 Front St. and 26 Reid St., Hamilton • Tel: (441) 295-3961
A.S. Cooper Children, 27 Front St., Hamilton • Tel: (441) 295-3961
A.S. Cooper Express, Washington Mall, 12 Reid St., Hamilton • Tel: (441) 296-6525
A.S. Cooper Man, 29 Front St., Hamilton • Tel: (441) 295-3961
A.S. Cooper Dockyard, Clocktower Mall, Royal Naval Dockyard, Sandys • Tel: (441) 234-4156
A.S. Cooper Fairmont, Fairmont Southampton Hotel, Southampton • Tel: (441) 239-7094 • E-mail: [email protected]

(441) 295-3961
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