Water Sports & Activities In Bermuda

With a history full of adventurous spirit and exploration, Bermuda is a haven for thrill seekers looking to enjoy all manner of water and land activities.

Aqua Adventures
Bermuda’s winds and favourable currents make it an ideal place to get your heart racing a little in the open ocean. Many tour operators and beach concessions make Jet Skis available to visitors, as well as waterskiing, wakeboarding, paddleboarding and flyboarding. But no one says you need to stay strictly on the water — you can also parasail your way above the waves to see the Atlantic Ocean from a bird’s-eye view.

Scuba Diving
Scuba diving offers a unique opportunity to view the island’s underwater bounty and the creatures that inhabit its surrounding waters. And with more than 500 years of maritime mishaps on the surrounding reefs, Bermuda holds more than 400 shipwrecks in its waters. Most popular sites are at a depth of 30 to 50 feet and can be easily reached by boat or with an operator such as Fantasea Diving & Watersports. The best months to dive are May to October, since the temperature will be warmest at that time. In the winter, you may need cold-water wetsuits.

One thing you can do just about anywhere in Bermuda is snorkel. All you need is a mask, fins and snorkel, and you’re ready to go, since almost any beach is bound to have something to see. All of Bermuda sits on the edge of an ancient volcano, whose peaks and ridges have evolved into our magnificent coral reefs. Some of the best places to snorkel include Church Bay in Southampton Parish, and Black Bay Beach, Snorkel Park Beach and Somerset Long Bay in Sandys Parish. In the East End, you can snorkel from a protected, tranquil beach in Tobacco Bay.

At the western tip of Royal Naval Dockyard, Snorkel Park Beach makes snorkelling accessible to all ages and abilities with a beach, amenities, snorkel gear, paddleboats, kayaks and fun floats. Just offshore is a natural coral reef and sunken sailboat. To reach the outer reefs, take one of the tour boats departing from Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton or St. George’s. Several major resorts use tour operators who combine snorkelling with glass-bottom boat tours, catamaran cruises or some deserted-beach time.

Please help maintain the health of Bermuda’s reefs. As tempting as it looks, do not touch the coral, for the oils of human skin will infect and kill it. Also, do not use sunscreen before snorkelling, as the chemicals will damage the coral.

Fishy Friends
At Royal Naval Dockyard, you may take part in the unique activity of swimming with dolphins in a protected, safe environment. Located within an ocean-water safe haven at the National Museum of Bermuda, Dolphin Quest brings you together with these gentle creatures with several programmes that allow you to touch, swim with and even kiss the dolphins.

On the Water
You don’t need to be an expert seaman to explore the safe waters close to shore. Most hotel properties and even some beach concessions can rent you a kayak, or check out Crystal Clear Kayaks, whose transparent kayaks allow you to see the plentiful marine life below.

You can also rent a Boston Whaler and similar smaller vessels that require minimum experience to operate safely. Or, try taking in the sights from a sailboat. The Royal Hamilton Amateur Dinghy Club (RHADC) offers personal two-hour or half-day sailing lessons.

One of the newest and most exciting adventures to come to Bermuda is flyboarding with Coconut Rockets — Bermuda Flyboard. Fly through the air like a superhero as you’re propelled forward by water jets. It’s a one-of-a-kind experience you won’t want to miss!

Check out K.S. WaterSports (Thrill Adventures, Rentals & Tours) in Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton and in the Town of St. George for thrilling Jet Ski Adventures. Sea Venture Watersports at the Fairmont Southampton and Snorkel Park Beach also offer fun and scenic Jet Ski tours.

If you’d rather skip the workout and prefer to simply enjoy the cool breeze and scenery, you can hire professionals to do all the work for you.

For a fabulous day out on the waters, check out Kirk’s Coral Reef Adventures. Their wide array of tours include fishing, snorkelling, sightseeing and even a Night Glass-Bottom Boat tour. Bermuda’s private mega-yacht, the MV Venetian, can be chartered and tours can be catered to your every whim.

Exclusive Charters offers cruises aboard Holding Firm II, a 37-foot Sea Ray Express Bridge. With a fully air-conditioned cabin, bridge and enclosed seating, it can easily carry up to 20 passengers.

What’s a holiday on a pristine Atlantic island without some deep-sea fishing? You know Bermuda has one of the most impressive reef systems in the world — so of course it also has some of the best fishing around! Most of the action happens in two favoured spots about 12 miles from shore, in the area known as the Challenger and Argus banks. These deep formations, which are peaks from inactive volcanoes, have created an environment ideal for baitfish, which in turn attract large game fish. Many fishing records have been set here, and you’re likely to score some yellowfin tuna, amberjack and dolphin.

With some luck and lots of skill, you may even bring in a marlin! Fishing is good all year but is best from May to November when the water is warmest.

Half-day fishing charters typically include bait, light tackle and a couple hours of line time. Many leave from Royal Naval Dockyard, Hamilton or the Town of St. George.

Bermuda hosts many angling competitions throughout the year, including the International Light Tackle Tournament. The 50th edition occurs in June 2015 (ilttbermuda.com). It is a precursor to the big summer event, the Bermuda Triple Crown in July. Starting July 3, 2015, this series is composed of three distinct fishing events — and is the highlight of the season for anglers (bermudatriplecrown.com).

Booking Tours
Need help booking a tour or want further information or advice? Contact Island Tour Centre in Hamilton or Royal Naval Dockyard at 441-236-1300, or contact a Visitor Information Centre: Dockyard, 441-296-9400; Hamilton, 441-295-1480; and St. George’s, 441-297-0556. The Bermuda Island Pass also offers deals and discounts via one VIP card (441-292-4071). And Bermuda Explorer specialises in offering an array of package deals, customised tours and authentic Bermuda experiences (441-534-1797).

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