Sightseeing In Bermuda

Bermuda Beautiful
Whether you have three days or three weeks, there’s so much to see and do in Bermuda.
Bermuda, an island created as a result of a volcanic eruption from the ocean floor some 100 million years back, is truly unique. From the moment you set your sights on its crystal-clear, turquoise waters stretching over its soft pink sands, and the white stepped roofs of its brightly coloured homes, you’ll agree — Bermuda is a magical place with so much to explore.

The Great Outdoors
In Bermuda, known for its famous pink-sand beaches, you’ll find countless bays and coves dotted along its coastline. The better-known beaches are located along the southern shore in the west end. Take a walk from popular Horseshoe Bay along sandy trails to visit other beaches, including Jobson’s Cove (perfect for children) and Warwick Long Bay (Bermuda’s longest beach).
For even more fun, get under or on the water. Snorkel or scuba dive Bermuda’s waters, which is home to the northernmost coral reef system in the world. Whether you rent a boat, Jet Ski, kayak or paddleboard, the opportunities for an aquatic experience of a lifetime are virtually endless.
Once you’ve dried off, remember there’s just as much to see on land. Explore Bermuda by foot or take a bike ride along the Bermuda Railway Trail. This 22-mile-long railway that served Bermuda from 1931 to 1948 was transformed into a trail for hikers and cyclists in 1984. The trail is closed off to motor vehicles, but has access points in most of the island’s parishes. Consider hopping on the trail just past the Bermuda Botanical Gardens in Paget — which are also worth a visit — and hiking deeper into the western parishes, travelling through a spooky underground tunnel, past farms and through close-knit residential communities. The western railway trails are filled with loquat and cherry trees, which are hopefully ripe for the picking!
Rich in History
Bermuda was discovered in 1503 by the Spanish explorer Juan de Bermúdez. In 1612, an English ship destined for Jamestown, Virginia was shipwrecked on Bermuda’s shores, which led to the settlement of the island. For over four centuries, people have called this island their home — and it is rich in history and culture.
Learn Bermuda’s full story at the National Museum of Bermuda located in the Royal Naval Dockyard. The museum is full of treasures that trace the island’s maritime and military history. Visit the Hall of History, which features artwork by local artists like Graham Foster, whose 1,000-foot mural brilliantly depicts Bermuda’s history through five centuries.
At the opposite end of the island is the historic Town of St. George, a designated UNESCO World Heritage Site and an outstanding example of the earliest English urban settlement in the New World. Founded in 1612, the town tells the tale of life in Bermuda over the first two centuries, including our role in America’s Revolutionary and Civil Wars. Visitors can spend hours getting lost in the town’s old winding streets, cobble-stoned alleys and exploring forts and historic homes and churches from the 17th century, including St. Peter’s Church, the oldest continuously used Protestant church in the New World.

Art Abounds
Bermuda has been calling to artists for hundreds of years. Countless writers, painters and musicians have all put pen to paper and brush to canvas to capture our island’s sights and sounds.
Our bustling capital is a visual art lover’s dream. Just outside of Hamilton, in the Botanical Gardens, is the Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, a multi-level gallery featuring art inspired by Bermuda. The collection features pieces by artists like Georgia O’Keefe and Winslow Homer.
At the City Hall & Arts Centre, you will find the Bermuda Society of Arts (BSoA). Also known as “the people’s gallery,” this warm space is where local artists showcase their work. BSoA’s monthly Friday night show openings are the perfect start to the weekend as you mix and mingle with other art enthusiasts — and perhaps take home some artwork as a memento.
The Bermuda National Gallery, also at the City Hall & Arts Centre, is an impressive and welcoming space featuring local and international artists. Its exhibitions, both permanent and rotating, often provide provocative and compelling commentary on Bermudian and island culture.
Not all art is in the galleries. The Corporation of Hamilton has commissioned public artwork, so as you explore the city, be on the lookout for murals, artistic poetry and mosaics. The Hamilton Princess & Beach Club has undergone a massive renovation, including the addition of a world-class collection of contemporary art, with works by Banksy, Liu Ye, Andy Warhol and Nelson Mandela. Guided tours are offered weekly.

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