Land Activites and Attractions In Bermuda

With a history full of adventurous spirit and exploration, Bermuda is a haven for thrill seekers looking to enjoy all manner of water and land activities.
A combination of natural elements — the sea, island geography and climate — and a rich sporting tradition have instilled in native Bermudians a love of everything sport. That is immediately apparent to visitors looking to take advantage of beautiful surroundings and sporting infrastructure to test their limits against nature or fellow competitors.

Measuring just 21 square miles in area, Bermuda maximises the land to provide some of the best sports activity facilities in the world. From golf and cricket to sailing and Jet Skiing, and everything in between, Bermuda has it all.

With close proximity to New England in the U.S. and its English heritage, golf is one of the primary sporting activities in Bermuda — and one of the most promoted to visitors. The island’s fairways and greens have attracted luminaries of the sport, celebrities and even politicians — including U.S. Presidents Dwight D. Eisenhower, John F. Kennedy, Richard Nixon, Jimmy Carter and George H. W. Bush — as well as numerous members of the British Royal Family and British Prime Ministers Winston Churchill, Harold Macmillan and Edward Heath.

Though most of the courses are private and thus available to resort guests and members, all will accept visiting players with advance notice. A private club experience awaits visitors to Bermuda at Riddell’s Bay Golf & Country Club, located in Warwick. It holds the distinction of being the oldest course in Bermuda. Or, call a public course like Port Royal Golf Course and Ocean View Golf Course to schedule your tee time. You can also get the whole family putting a round at fun miniature golf establishments, like Bermuda Fun Golf in Royal Naval Dockyard.

Like many former British colonies, Bermuda has a special love of cricket. Pitches may be found throughout the island, but the best time to view the sport is during the Bermuda Cup Match Cricket Festival. Typically celebrated during Emancipation Day and Somers’ Day (July 30 and July 31, 2015), this event brings the entire island to a halt, as it is either attended or watched by locals, who organise festivities around it. Play takes place at either Somerset or St. George’s. There is a special Visitor Tent to welcome visitors to Bermuda — and to Cup Match.

Running & Cycling
One of the easiest ways to exercise and take in all the beauty of Bermuda is by running or biking through its trails. One easy trail to explore is the famous Bermuda Railway Trail. Following the path of the old railroad, which stopped operating in 1948, you can potentially see Bermuda from end to end, though at 18 miles, this might be difficult. The trail passes through historical sites, woodlands, coastline and nature reserves, making it an invigorating experience.

However, this is not the only option. Additional parks, such as Walsingham Nature Reserve, Paget Marsh, Cooper’s Island, Spittal Pond and the Arboretum offer pleasant walking and hiking trails.

Walking and running are true pastimes in Bermuda — just ask the folks at the Walking Club of Bermuda, who every Sunday morning set out on a six-mile walk. (

If you’re a dedicated runner, you may want to consider participating in the annual Bermuda Marathon Weekend, usually held in January.

For cyclists looking to hit the pavement, many resorts provide bikes, which Bermudians refer to as “pedal bikes,” to differentiate from those with motors. Whilst the terrain is mostly bike-friendly, there are a few hills and climbs that can prove to be quite challenging to cyclists.

With about 100 courts on the island, options for playing tennis are many. It has been a popular sport in Bermuda since its introduction from England in the late 19th century. Most resorts feature courts available to guests, and many permit non-guests to use them. There are also public courts for hire.

Horseback Riding
Despite its small size and suburban appearance, trail riding is available. Spicelands Equestrian Centre offers beach rides daily all year. Reservations are required. All rides in Bermuda are accompanied by qualified instructors. Horses cannot be hire

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